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Crack Shredder​/​Bastard Cooker​/​mom mincer

by Crack Shredder/Bastard Cooker/mom mincer

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Three halves make us whole.

Crack Shredder is:
_Bug - Music and stuff
Slurms McKenzy - Dying
Grey Almond - Dead

Crack Shredder's half was recorded on 8/16 at Thebug_Hole in Poplar Grove, IL

Bastard Cooker is:
Slurms McKenzy - Everything

Bastard Cooker's half was recorded on 8/20 and 8/21 in Saint Charles, IL

mom mincer is:
_Bug - Dickhands

mom mincer's half was recorded on 8/25 at Thebug_Hole in Poplar Grove, IL



released August 26, 2014




DICKCRUSH RECORDS Rockford, Illinois

Dickcrush Records is a DIY label from Rockford, Illinois.
Turning grind, powerviolence, noise, and everything in between into a stupid joke since 2012.

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Track Name: Crack Shredder - Crack Shredder
Track Name: Crack Shredder - Dealer With Broken Bones
Stupid fuckin' dealer
Walk with broken femurs
Powder is for pussies
Death to all the dealers
Break your bones
Fuckin' chump
Pack your shit
Off my block
Selfish prick
In the dirt
Buying souls
for peoples worth
Cashin' in
Piled high
Cookin' crack
Make em die
Track Name: Bastard Cooker - Stick In The Spokes
Screeching hault, hit the wall
Well run dry, fuck it all
Words escape
Drawing blank
Shoved a stick in the spokes
All for some lame fucking joke
Fucking dammit
Track Name: Bastard Cooker - We Don't Call The Cops
This is a face you know
You've seen her once before
But this time, you're restrained
Tonight we reciprocate
Beg and plead, not the first
Cry and scream, not the last
One less beast on the streets
Scraping scum from our feet
You knew this day would come
You lost your life when you took mine
Strung up from the neck, stripped bare
Fuck your last words, kick the chair
Track Name: mom mincer - Using A Cop's Skull As A Cereal Bowl
Heartless Killers
Stoppin' hearts
Leavin' holes
Not just from bullets
Who do you think you are
Check your job description
No discrimination
No Fear
Kill the cops
Take their riot gear
Justice For All
Justice By All
Killing cops to prove a point
Killing cops just for fun
We'll do what we have to
To make this place just right