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I Just Wanna Listen To Iron Maiden

by XsaladcrusherX

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Ethan loves Iron Maiden.




released August 4, 2012




DICKCRUSH RECORDS Rockford, Illinois

Dickcrush Records is a DIY label from Rockford, Illinois.
Turning grind, powerviolence, noise, and everything in between into a stupid joke since 2012.

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Track Name: Hippie Holocaust
I am the 99%, I have a job and I pay my rent
Fucking pussies protesting nothing
Gimmie gimmie never gets
Spineless hippies always whining
You don't even know what you want
Call it occupy if you fucking like
The whole world sees you for what you are
A fucking crowd of waste
A sea of teenage angst
Meager attempts to unify
A world gone blind
Track Name: Man The Fuck Up
Why is every song
About a fucking girl
No one gives a fuck
About your sentimental shit
Write about something else
Or just get the fuck out
I see it all the time
You want more cheese with that whine
Man the fuck up
She dumped you because you're a bitch
Quit fucking crying
Man the fuck up
Man the fuck up
Or shut the fuck up
You dress like a child but you're a grown fucking man
You act like a child you pathetic fucking man
Track Name: The Tale Of The Dark Music
You think you're cool with your battery powered scooter
You smug little shit
Put your honor on the line and let's fucking ride
It's in your mind that I'd go easy on a kid
I'm gonna make you wish that you were never born
Looks like someone messed with the wrong fucking guy
I'll embarass you in front of your family
Legs of steel carry me across the finish line
Knees break, tendons tear
Push the limit, never give in
Faster than the flash, you belong in the trash
Man beats machine
Victory is mine
See you next time
Track Name: I Just Wanna Listen To Iron Maiden
Eddie haunts my dreams
Follows to work, and he watches me eat
Lurking in the shadows
Breathing down my neck, Eddie watches me sleep
Feel him everywhere
Always watching waiting, always waiting
There is but one escape
Short lived, though it is
I must listen to Iron Maiden!
When will I find some peace
When will I find some sleep
When will I fins some peace!