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Live And Learn

by XsaladcrusherX

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This one took waaay too fucking long to record.




released November 13, 2012




DICKCRUSH RECORDS Rockford, Illinois

Dickcrush Records is a DIY label from Rockford, Illinois.
Turning grind, powerviolence, noise, and everything in between into a stupid joke since 2012.

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Track Name: Y'all Faggots Take Yourselves Too Seriously
Tried to write a song
That wasn't about cats or food
The only thing that crosses my mind
Fucking, food, and cats all of the time
How do you people do it
Write about things that matter
I feel like a dick
If my lyrics are important
Track Name: Dylan Sucks
You talk shit about (everything)
Tumblr whore slave to (the internet)
Spewing shit (from the same hole that)
You eat with (cynical whore)
Two fucking faces (both arrogant and smug)
So self righteous (whole world's sick of you)
Shut your fucking mouth, you're no feminist
You've never done shit, stupid fucking bitch
Track Name: You're Not Punk Rock, You're A Fire Hazard
Dirty punkers want to fight
I'll take your dirty punker life
Punkers passed out on the floor
I'll shave your greasy pompadour
Kid sets himself ablaze
Never understand your punker ways
You're not punk rock
Go play hop scotch
Go home mowhawk
You are drunk
Track Name: I Eat More Cat Hair Than I Do Food
We have five cats (they fight all the time)
Not enough cats (Black shirts are now white)
We have five cats (there's fur in the rug)
Not enough cats (there's fur in my lungs)
That's the price you pay
If you live this way
For the love of cats
Let's get more cats
Cats rule my life!
Track Name: Blood Moon Crystals Öv The Winter Night Frost
With a needle miles long
A nurse in white will pierce through my flesh
Drain life essence from my veins
Fill the void with unforgiving cold
Cold like snow! Pain like whitewash!
Taste of metal in my mouth
Little green light turns to red
Eye of Sauron wacthes me
Little green light turns to red
Never again will I be free