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Pulverizing The Ulnar Nerve

by Mike Mahern And The Serious Attitudes

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Mike Mahern and his serious attitude would like you to go eat a pile of dog shit.



released December 2, 2013




DICKCRUSH RECORDS Rockford, Illinois

Dickcrush Records is a DIY label from Rockford, Illinois.
Turning grind, powerviolence, noise, and everything in between into a stupid joke since 2012.

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Track Name: Lunch Box Full Of Poo
I'm gonna give those guys a piece of my mind.
And by that, I mean a bag of my poop.
Track Name: Everyone's A Fucking Dork Except Me
Hey I like your dragon shirt
It looks good on your tits
Fuckin' dork
Track Name: Grinding Nerd Bones Into A Fine Dust
Bring the hurt
Pound the fuckin' nerds
Bring the pain
Demoralize them
Track Name: Way Serious Tough Guy Image
Fucking sick of everyone
Bitching about everything
Turn that frown upside down
Life is pretty fuckin rad
Your music might be mean as shit
Your tough guy image ruins it
Lighten up
Track Name: Eating Fly Tape
Fuck Nerds Rope
Eating fly tape
Fuck Fruit By The Foot
Eating fly tape
Fuck Bubble Tape
Eating fly tape
Eating fly tape
Sometimes I eat fly tape
Cause I like the taste
And the crunchy bug cadavers
Complement the sticky tape
Track Name: Time Management
Anna's parents are both teachers
They're gone for like half of the day
And her brother is in college
So he's gone at the same times too
That means I have like 8 hours
To yell and record my anger
Track Name: Pushing The Musical Envelope
Somethin' somethin' lyrics lyrics
It's a shame that
I can't think of
Anything to
Write about
Cause this riff is
Pretty gnarly
And I'd like to
Do it justice
Track Name: Red Rover, But With Knives And Shit
Dirty punkers
Punkers and their combat boots
What's the fucking deal with that
Fucking beggars
Can't stand the thought of being told
"This is mine, you're not entitled"
Go build your own fucking skate park
Track Name: The Obligatory Song About Your Own Band
These fucking walls
Are paper thin
Neighbors can
Hear me yell
Hey neighbors, fuck you
If you don't like Mike Mahern
Then fuckin' move
Cause I'm here now